New video of Felix Baumgartner’s space jump

This video is absolutely insane. Best viewed full screen and in 1080p HD.


Paramore – the digital agency

An inspirational redesign from Paramore.

Just absolutely beautiful. Love the idea that it looks like a magazine. Everytime you refresh, a new photo of a staff member appears and the highlighted colour changes.

Online Marketing & Interactive Agency - Paramore | the digital agency

Check out the website at

First timelapse video

This is my first timelapse video. Went down to my local park with my camera, timer and a tripod. Let me know what you think. First of many timelapse videos.

Park from Bimal Tailor on Vimeo.

“Our brains are arosed by new and unexpected discoveries (within our normal routines).”

The Element of Surprise #

This is a note from “Mental Notes” by These mental notes are fantastic to help install an out-of-the-box thinking into our brains. I always like to challenge how processes and elements on a page are designed. It’s also important to be able to listen to everyone’s point of view so that you understand, that if you try to add small wonderful little surprises, they will be understood.

Are there any small surprises in the experience you’ve designed? “Surprise” could be a new addition or a variation on something routine, such as stating a confirmation message differently or changing an image on a familiar page. Also consider how you can get people’s attention by deviating from expected patterns set by other sites or experiences external to your site.


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