Portraits & Headshots

You may want portraits for your modelling portfolios, social media profiles, company website, dating profiles or just to have some nice photos of yourself. They can be taken in my studio, outside or at your location. I like it keep it warm, casual and experimental. You can follow my portrait Instagram account @portrait_london

Portrait of a photographer
Bar photo of model Alan Healy
Photo of Alessia Venturini, Italian Actress based in Rome.
Fun photo of Stefanie Steel, model from New York
Portrait of a tattooed lady Kym Williams
Editorial photo of John Ovans, Writer

Preparing for your photoshoot

To help you get the best out of a portrait shoot with Bimal, here's are just a few tips:


Depending on the type of photoshoot you are after, you'll want to choose clothing that reflects your style and personality. The best of you. Keep things simple, not too bright colours. Bring around 2 or 3 outfits on the day. Have them ironed and ready to go, if you're coming to the studio, we can re-iron them.

Hair & Make up

Leave plenty of time before the shoot to adjust your hair or have any make up done beforehand. If you need a make up artist or a hairstylist on the shoot, let us know.

Sleep well

To be in your best condition, I'd highly recommend to eat earlier in the evening, no or low amount of screen time, a good shower or bath soak and an early night, the night before the shoot to help you be your best on the day.

Arrive on time

Do leave with plenty of time before the shoot so you feel calm and relax when you arrive. We'll have some time to relax and to ask any questions and talk through the shoot.